Business Insurance

As a business owner, you understand many anticipated events can take place. Acquiring business insurance provides needed protection and coverage for various situations that can arise. At Neff Insurance Group, you can be aided in your quest to obtain the proper business insurance plan that suits all your needs.Here are some ways business insurance can protect you and your business:•    Protects against losses or damages to the location of your business
•    Protects your business in the event of legal action
•    Covers vehicles utilized by you and your employees operated for company business
•    Covers your business when an interruption occurs
•    Insures employees against injuries suffered on the job

The Neff Insurance Group will analyze your business model to and present you quality information on numerous insurance plans pertaining to your particular needs. Protection can be provided to your business via several different programs, including:

Property insurance involves funding needed to repair physical assets damaged during weather storms, vandalism and fires. The liability option offers protection against losses financially as a result of the products of your business or your employees being at faults.As a business owner with employees, it is mandatory you possess workers’ compensation insurance. This protection covers the medical needs of your employees when/if they have an accident or become ill while performing their job responsibilities. Workers’ compensation is also vital due to its ability to aid employees return to work quickly, as well as its removal of potential lawsuits.When operating a vehicle, commercial auto insurance gives protection from losses and injuries suffered by passengers, other drivers and pedestrians. Business interruption insurance protects you from losses and damages to profits and cash flow when an event occurs that affects the functioning of your business. Robberies, fraud, theft and other crimes can happen to your business, to which business crime insurance offers protection in these types of situations.

An umbrella insurance policy offers protection versus various claims that surpass the limits of other policies in your possession. In case you’re involved in a false arrest or a lawsuit for libel or slander, umbrella insurance can prove to be a valuable asset.

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